Ticket desk is located on the 1st floor, close to the main entrance.


The cloak room is next to the ticket desk. There are also coin-operated (20 cents) lockers next to the coat racks.


You can access all exhibitions via a lift.


Toilets for men and women are located in the basement of the museum.
An accessible toilet and baby care facilities are located on the 1st floor, close to the lift.


People with prams, wheelchairs or walking frames can access the museum through the door on the left-hand (east) side of the museum building, opposite the restaurant. Staff will accompany customers to the museum. You can borrow a wheelchair, a walking stick, a walking frame, a pram or a baby carrier from the ticket desk.


The public guided tours are included in the admission price.
Groups can book private guided tours for a fee. The tours can be tailor-made according to the wishes and needs of the groups. On request, guided tours can be arranged in sign language, signed Finnish, plain Finnish, and for visually impaired people.


We offer workshops for schools, businesses and private groups.


Unique museum merchandise of high quality is on sale in the shop next to the ticket desk.


Guide and assistance dogs are welcome to the museum.


Sinebrychoffin taidemuseo. Pohjakartta.

Sinebrychoff Art Museum Floor Plan



The street address of the Sinebrychoff Art Museum is Bulevardi 40, 00120 Helsinki. From the main door from the Bulevardi street, seven steps lead up to the main entrance along a corridor. Customers with a pram, a wheelchair or a walking frame can access the museum through the door on the left-hand side of the museum building. A doorbell is on a pole in front of the door and it will get you in touch with the control room (valvomo). Staff will then assist you into the museum.

Coming in from the main door from the street, you will first go up seven steps that lead to the entrance hall through a door on the top of the stairs. Once in the entrance hall, the door on your left next to the entrance leads to the room where you will find the ticket desk in front of you and the cloak room to your right. There are coin-operated lockers in the cloak room that work with 20-cent coins.

The museum shop, where you can buy postcards, exhibition catalogues, jewellery and small gifts, among other things, is located on the 1st floor next to the ticket desk. You can access the special exhibitions from the room with the ticket desk and from the entrance hall. To your left upon entering the entrance hall, a narrow corridor leads to the disabled toilet and baby care facilities that you will find on your right. At the end of the corridor, round the corner on the left, is the lift that allows access to the basement and the 2nd floor.

The house museum of Paul and Fanny Sinebrychoff is on the 2nd floor facing the Bulevardi Street. The old art collections can be found in the 2nd floor rooms facing the park. The house museum consists of the Empire room, the Gustavian room, Paul’s study and the dining room. You can access the rooms via the lift or the stairs that go up from the entrance hall directly opposite the main entrance.

Please note that there are thresholds between rooms, which may be an issue for those in wheel chairs, for example. Moving between the house museum and the old art collections is easy. The miniature collections can be accessed directly from the house museum: either from the dining room, to the right through a small corridor, or with your back towards the park, from the right-hand side corner of the main bed room.

Customer toilets and the so-called Red and White Cellars are located in the basement. You can access the basement via the lift or go down the stairs from the entrance hall. The stairs turn right twice on the way down. Downstairs, in the hall opposite the stairs, the male toilet is on the right and the female toilet on the left. The White Cellar (seminar room) is opposite the female toilet. The Red Cellar is on its right, next to the male toilet.