Puppet theatre Sytkyt: Kimono adventure

In this performance, children learn about Japan through small objects, music and, of course, old stories. The show lasts for 20 minutes and is targeted at 4- to 8-year-olds.

  • 23.10.2022 at 13–13:20
  • 23.10.2022 at 14–14:20
in Finnish, suitable for children
White Cellar
Tickets: with a museum ticket
16 €/ 14 €/ Museum Card. Entry is free for those under 18 years. 50 seats. No advance registration. First come first served. Please sign up when buying your ticket.

The puppeteer Juha has received a kimono from Japan as a gift. Every night, he puts the beautiful garment on a hanger and goes to bed. When the moonlight hits the kimono, it comes alive and tells little stories about Japan. On the inside of the kimono are mountains, on the outside the blue sea…