A museum visit during coronavirus

We want to make your visit as comfortable and safe as possible. To this end we have some guidelines for our visitors. We welcome you to experience art safely!

Come to the museum only in good health – art will wait for you 

You are welcome to visit the Sinebrychoff Art Museum if you are feeling well. If you are ill, stay at home. If necessary, contact health care. 

Follow our safety guidelines

Remember to maintain adequate distance from other visitors and staff. We limit the number of visitors when necessary.

Prefer a bank card or contactless payment.
Museum Card visitor: show your Museum Card at the ticket office, or download the Museum Card application and read the QR code at the ticket office to get access to the museum. 

Use the lift alone or with people in your group.

Remember good hand hygiene

  • Make sure your hands are clean when you come to the museum. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap or use hand sanitiser, as necessary.
  • Cough or sneeze into your elbow. 
  • Do not touch the works of art. 
  • Avoid touching surfaces.

Our staff also pay special attention to good hand hygiene.

Neat and clean 

We pay special attention to hygiene and cleanliness in all our spaces.