Photo: Finnish National Gallery / Hannu Pakarinen.

On a museum visit

Here you can find information on how to make your visit at the museum a success. At the Sinebrychoff Art Museum, we follow the principles of a safe space. Welcome to the Sinebrychoff Art Museum!

We are a safe place to visit 

We want everyone to feel safe at the Sinebrychoff Art Museum. 

At the Sinebrychoff Art Museum

  • everyone is treated considerately 
  • everyone can be who they are 
  • bullying, harassment and discrimination are not tolerated in any form 
  • the staff is there for you. Feel free to ask for help or advice. 

Read more about our safe space policy

Frequently asked questions 

Is the ticket to the exhibitions valid all day?

The ticket grants you access to the exhibitions for one day within opening hours. This means that you can, for example, have lunch and then return to the museum. 

Is there a cloak room at the museum? 

  • The basement floor has storage lockers with code locks and coat stands for outdoor clothing. 
  • There are storage lockers with code locks next to the lift by the accessible entrance on the first floor. 

Can I take a bag into the exhibition spaces?

  • You can take a small bag into the exhibition space, provided that you can carry it by hand or on your shoulder. 
  • Backpacks, larger bags, and umbrellas should be left in storage, as they may accidentally hit works of art and objects in the exhibition spaces.

Where can I inquire after lost property?

The ticket desk on the first floor is the museum’s lost property point. We also use the eOmistaja lost property service. Read more about lost property at the museum.

Why are studded shoes not allowed at the museum?

The building has beautiful old stone and parquet floors, and metal studs damage the surface. 

  • Change to indoor shoes when you arrive. You can ask to loan slippers from the ticket office. 
  • The sharp ends of Nordic walking poles or walking sticks must be covered with rubber tips. 

Help us protect the beautiful floors. 

Is there free wi-fi at the museum?

The museum space has a free wireless network. The name of the network is SIFF GUEST. 

You can get the password from the ticket office. 

Can you take photographs or videos, or draw at the Sinebrychoff Art Museum?

  • At the Sinebrychoff Art Museum, you can take photographs or videos for your own use. 
  • You can also post these images on social media. 
  • We have separately marked the pieces not to be photographed or videoed. 
  • Please do not use a flash, selfie stick or tripod. 
  • Consider other museum visitors when taking photographs or vdeos. If you take photographs or videos showing other people, make sure everyone gives their consent to it.

You can enjoy drawing and sketching on the museum premises. You can borrow a drawing board from the ticket office. Portable folding chairs are available on the first and second floors. 

If your recording is related to a commercial collaboration or you wish to reserve the premises for a private recording, please contact Finnish National Gallery sales. 

Finnish National Gallery service sales
tel. 0294 500 500 (Mon–Fri, 10–14)

Can you eat your own food at the museum?

To protect the works, drinking and eating are not allowed in the exhibition spaces. 

Leave food and drink in a locker. If you have health issues, ask the staff for advice. 

The neighboring Southpark restaurant, and other restaurants in the area, offer plenty of culinary variety.

There is a large park next to the Sinebrychoff Art Museum with nice places to eat your own food. 

Why is it so dim in the exhibition spaces?

The exhibitions feature priceless, centuries-old works. Light destroys works, which is why they are kept under controlled conditions. For example, paper-based works can only be on display for approximately three months at a time. 

Give yourself time to take in the works and enjoy the mood. Many of these works were being viewed in dim light at the time of their creation, too.