Nina Sarnela: The Changing Arctic Atmosphere – Exploring the Arctic Polar Regions

The lecture by Nina Sarnela, FD, University of Helsinki, is part of the program of the exhibition Peder Balke – The Spell of the Arctic.

  • 27.9.2023 at 18–19
in Finnish
Seminar hall
Tickets: with a museum ticket
Peder Balke (1804–1887): The Seven Sisters Mountain Range, 1845–1850. The Gundersen Collection. Photo: Morten Henden Aamot / The Gundersen Collection.

The climate is changing very rapidly in the Arctic. The effects of warming are complex, with the ocean and the atmosphere, with their clouds and fine particles, in constant and sensitive contact with each other. To better understand the changes in the Arctic atmosphere, the University of Helsinki has carried out several extensive research missions to Greenland, the Svalbard and the Arctic Ocean in international cooperation with other research institutions.

Nina Sarnela (PhD) is a University Researcher at the Centre for Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Helsinki. Her research focuses in particular on atmospheric gases, which form fine particles that can grow into cloud droplets. In her work, she is responsible for measurements of condensable gases in the EU ACTRIS research infrastructure and is co-director of the Polar and Arctic Atmospheric Research Group.

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