Lotta Nylund: Alexander Lauréus: Art and Life in 19th-century Turku, Stockholm, Paris and Rome 

The curator of the exhibition, Lotta Nylund, will talk about Lauréus´s paintings and life in the early Romantic period.

  • 8.3.2023 at 18–19
in Finnish
Seminar hall
Tickets: with a museum ticket
18 €/ 12 €/ Museum Card. Entry is free for those under 18 years. Tickets are available at the info desk on the day of the event. 80 tickets. No advance booking.
Alexander Lauréus (1783 – 1823): Old man with cabinet, view from Storkyrkobrinken, Stockholm, 1809. Stockholm City Museum. Photo: Göran Sehlstedt.

Alexander Lauréus was born in Turku in 1783 and went to Stockholm to study at the Royal Academy. He painted everyday life and familiar themes from popular literature and the theatre. In his visual art, Lauréus was a pioneer of the early Romantic movement.

Listeners will hear about the journey of Lauréus and his common-law wife Margaretha Charlotta Thynelius to Paris in 1817. Their journey continued in 1820 over the Alps to Rome. There, Lauréus painted local street life. His paintings created an interesting view of life in the early nineteenth century in Turku, Stockholm, Paris and Rome.

Lotta Nylund, MA, is writing a doctoral dissertation on Alexander Lauréus´s artistic output and activities, particularly in relation to early Romanticism and the visual culture of the era. Nylund is the chief curator of the Villa Gyllenberg Art Museum.