Tiepolo – Venetian Fantasies

The Rolando and Siv Pieraccini Collection

The summer exhibition at Sinebrychoff Art Museum will focus on prints and drawings by the famous Venetian masters, the Tiepolos.

  • 2.6.–4.9.2016
Tickets: with a museum ticket
Photo: Finnish National Gallery / Pirje Mykkänen.

Rolando and Siv Pieraccini’s unique Tiepolo Collection features works by Giovanni Battista (Giambattista) Tiepolo (1696−1770) as well as his sons Giovanni Domenico (Giandomenico) Tiepolo (1727−1804) and Lorenzo Baldissera Tiepolo (1736−1776).

Giambattista’s works were highly sought after by the royalty and nobility of the day. Together, the father and sons set up a highly prolific workshop, which received commissions from churches and palaces across Europe. The Tiepolos worked for the Spanish royal court between 1762 and 1770, until the death of Giambattista. Some of the works in this exhibition relate to the larger commissions in the Tiepolo oeuvre.

The Tiepolos were also highly skilled printmakers, with Giandomenico and Lorenzo studying the technique, along with drawing, at their father’s studio. This exhibition features some of the best-known prints ever created by the Tiepolos, including the full series of Giambattista Tiepolo’s Capricci (1741−1742) etchings, first shown in public during the artist’s life time. Ever present in these prints and sketches are the airy lightness of the Venetian masters’ compositional style and the soaring dynamism of their lines, as well as their playful approach to the fantastical and the freshness with which they interpret more traditional motifs.