Sinebrychoff Art Museum and Brewery – over 100 years of co-operation

In Finland, the name Sinebrychoff combines art and beer. The Sinebrychoff Art Museum was founded on the extensive bequest from brewer Paul Sinebrychoff Junior and his spouse Fanny to the State of Finland on 21.10.1921. The state did not have suitable premises for this art collection, hence the museum was opened at the Sinebrychoffs’ family home in Bulevardi 40.

In 1939, at the outbreak of the Winter War, the art collection was evacuated into safer storage, and the museum did not reopen in the Bulevardi premises until 1960.

The brewery has financially supported the museum’s operations with donations enabling valuable art investments, various book projects, and several exhibitions that have gained international publicity, such as the first introduction of fresco painter Giovanni Batista Tiepolo’s works in the Nordic countries.

In 2019, as Sinebrychoff brewery celebrated its 200th anniversary, the portraits of the prominent family members, as well as the marble busts of Nikolai and Paul Senior, were donated to the art museum. These works were displayed to the general public for the first time in the ’Sinebrychoffs – benefactors from Hietalahti’ exhibition, and they are now on display for all visitors in the memorial house.

”In the early 1990s, the brewery moved 30 kilometres away to Kerava but despite the distance, our co-operation with the museum still continues as before”

– Marja-Liisa Weckström, VP Corporate Affairs at Sinebrychoff

Read the history of Sinebrychoff’s brewmasters from the early 1800’s to 2019: in Finnishor in English.

Marja-Liisa Weckström, VP Corporate Affairs at Sinebrychoff.